Get The Best Short Term Electricity In Toledo 

Grab a short term electricity rate now! You'll save on rising PTC rates and be able to shop lower rates in spring!
Think about it. Toledo Edison PTC rates are getting higher. But, if you lock in a short term electricity plan now, you can shop for lower rates in the spring shoulder months! Check out these low priced options!

Get Great Deals During The Shoulder Months With These Great Plans

No bones about it, electricity prices are high right now! Toledo Edison’s Price To Compare is at 5.24 cents per kWh, and will stay there until October 31st. Expect that price to go up! Just 6 months ago in April, the PTC was at 4.91 cents per kWh. With long nights getting colder as we creep our way through fall, it might be time to grab a shorter plan to get you through until spring. Get the best short term electricity in Toledo, and save!

Say Goodbye To Unpredictability With This 3 Month Plan

NRG’s 3 month plan won’t get you to the spring, but it can keep you from the ups and downs before winter! At just 6 cents per kWh, this plan guarantees 3 months of electricity at a fixed price. There is no cancellation fee, or monthly charge either! At the end of your contract, you will continue on NRG’s variable rate until you decide to switch!

Save With This 6 Month Plan

Definitely need something to get you into the spring shoulder months? Check out XoomEnergy’s SureLock 6. This plan is just 6.09 cents per kWh, and comes with some great bonuses. Using Xoom Xtras you can get gift cards, and savings on everything from tires to restaurants, to groceries and more! There is a small $50 early termination fee should you find something different before your contract ends. At the end of the contract, Xoom Energy sends out two notices with new plans for you to choose from. If you don’t choose or cancel your contract, Xoom will switch your household to their variable rate plan.

Try Before You Buy With This 6 Month Plan

Another plan that will get you through to spring is the Santana Energy Preferred Plus 6 Month Plan. At 6.49 cents per kWh, this short term electricity plan is more expensive than the PTC. However, the fixed rate can get you through the ups and downs of the winter months! This plan includes a $100 early termination fee so it’s best to stay to the end. At the end of your term, look for details of your renewal. This notice from Santanna should come 2-3 months before your contract ends. If you’re not going to continue, make sure to respond! Your new contract term starts automatically at a variable rate.

Save With Short Term Electricity Plans

With electricity prices as high as they are right now, wanting to wait to find a new plan until spring is understandable. However, you do have so many more options! Check out more ways to switch and save at

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