Titan Gas and Power FAQ

What year did Titan Gas and Power start?

Titan Gas and Power is a privately held company started in 2005. The company leverages a unique customer experience to provide competitively priced electricity and natural gas plans. It believes purchasing energy should be simple and hassle-free. Though Titan Gas and Power does not compete in the Texas energy market, the power retailer??™s headquarters are in Houston, Texas.

What is Titan Gas and Power's customer base?

Titan Gas and Power serves more than 70,000 homes and businesses.

How many states does Titan Gas and Power operate in?

Titan Gas and Power sells electricity and natural gas in Pennsylvania. In Ohio, they participate in both natural gas and electricity markets as well. It provides natural gas but not electricity on Long Island, New York. As of March 2018, the company has expansion plans for the District of Columbia and six states: Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Does Titan Gas and Power offer a customer rewards program?

Titan Gas and Power customers can sign up for Titan Gas and Power Rewards. Through the program's online portal, customers have access to exclusive discounts, coupons, helpful articles, promotional codes, restaurant search tools, and more.

Current Titan Gas and Power customers can register using just their phone numbers and zip code. Once registered, shoppers can save at local stores, at local and chain restaurants, on travel purchases, and on gift cards. Shoppers also gain access to featured daily deals and have the protection of a “best price guarantee” on popular brands.

Is Titan Gas and Power owned by another company?

Titan Gas and Power is not owned by another company.