Stay warm and and save money when you compare these cheap electricity deals in Dayton!

Compare Cheap Electricity Deals in Dayton

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Grab These Great Prices Before The Cold Sets In

Save when you compare cheap electricity deals in Dayton, OH. Stay warm and still find the best electricity rates that fit your needs!
With Ohio utility company rates climbing, now is a great time to compare cheap electricity on 18 month plans. Find out which of these plans gives you the best options that can help you save money.

This winter is going to be mucky and wet, so make sure your home is dry and warm with some cheap electricity. Prices may seem sky-high, but they’re actually lower than Texas! If you’re looking for stables rates that won’t increase, unlike Ohio utility company rates, you can shop for a longer contract. Right now, there are some great 18-month rates for you to look at. Compare these cheap electricity deals in Dayton!

Cheap Prices At A Cost

If you’re looking for the lowest plan, Public Power may look good, but let’s take a closer look. Their Electric 18 Month Fixed Rate has a low price tag of 5.89 cents per kWh. Now, with this plan, Public Power also charges a $9.99 monthly fee.

However, the trick here is to understand your usage. The problem is that if we spread that fee over the course of the month, it arguably looks like you’re paying more like 7.27 cents per kWh. While that’s a handy way to compare it to other plans head-to head, that comparison falls apart because that monthly charge is fixed.  Your usage isn’t. So when you compare this plan with others, it helps with this plan to know how much electricity you use each month.

If you decide to go with Public Power, at the end of your contract you will receive a notice informing you about your renewal term. If you do not respond to this notice and shop around, Public Power will automatically renew your plan.

A Compare Cheap Electricity With A Low Early Termination Fee

Not interested in a monthly fee? Rolling in at 7.39 cents per kWh, we have the 18 Month Home Power Plan from Constellation. Constellation’s plan comes with a $25 early termination fee, but no monthly fee. As far as early termination fees go, $25 is a pretty good deal, meaning switching a breeze if you find a better deal. At the end of your term, Constellation sends out a new contract notice. The contract will renew after 30 days if you don’t respond. If you choose to say no to the offer, your service will be returned to AES OHIO at their rate. So be sure to seize the moment to switch and save again.

A Plan For New Customers

Looking for a new energy provider? Check out Direct Energy’s plan for new customers only! Their Live Brighter 18 plan is priced at 7.69 cents per kWh with no monthly fee or early termination fee. That means it’s super easy to switch if you find a better price down the line. At the end of your contract, Direct Energy will switch you to a month-to-month plan, though your rates may go up. Remember that this plan is for new customers only. Previous Direct Energy customers may have different rates.

A Fee-Free Plan For Everyone

While this is the most expensive plan on this list, the Safe Harbor 18 plan doesn’t come with any restrictions. Energy Harbor charges no early termination fee, and no monthly fee. Additionally, this plan isn’t just for new customers. At 7.85 cents per kWh, this can pack a punch against high bills. But, if prices come down in the spring, you have an easy way to switch and save. If you decide to keep this plan through the end of your term be aware of your mail! The contract will automatically renew if you don’t respond to the mailed notice.

Find and Compare Cheap Electricity For Your Home

If you’re still searching for that perfect plan, hopefully this list can give you a headstart before the snow deepens. Still looking? There’s a plan for every home. Check out more a

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