Compare and Shop OH Electricity Rates NOW!

Beat the Price to Compare when you shop low Ohio electricty rates. And with the spring should months in a couple of weeks, these plan rates will get better. Learn how you can save more on your monthly electric bills.

Compare and Save With Spring Shoulder Month Prices

Compare your Ohio electric PTC rates with these variable rate plans. Learn how you can beat the PTC this month and shop better rates in the spring!
Ohio electric utility rates are not going down soon. But the spring should months start in a couple of weeks. Find out how to line up cheap eletricity rates so you can save more on your electric bill all year round.

Spring might not have sprung quite yet, but prices are melting away before our eyes. The spring shoulder months are coming up on us fast as natural gas prices plummet. If your plan is ending now, you want to hold off signing onto a long term fixed rate before rates drop. This is where a month-to-month plan works best because there’s no contract! So you get a little extra time to compare and shop rates with no early termination fees. we have plans for all the Ohio utility service area. See why you should compare and shop Ohio electricity rates now!

Compare to The Illuminating Company,

The Illuminating Company’s price to compare expires at the end of March. The cheapest option to bridge the gap is going be the Provision Monthly Plan. That gets you one month of electricity at a guaranteed 5.25 cents per kWh. But be careful with continuing after that first month because is a variable rate, and it could change.

Keeping Ahead Of Ohio Edison

The Ohio Edison price to compare also expires at the end of March. Your best pick is going to be from American Power and Gas. Their Clean Energy Plan is only 5.21 cents per kWh, which is just about .11 cents cheaper than the current price to compare. For homes using 1,000 kWh per month, that’s about $1 less.

Compare With AEP

Whether you’re in the Columbus Southern territory, or the AEP Ohio territory, the current price to compare is 6.74 cents per kWh. Like a lot of plans on this list, your best option to save for the short term is going to be the Provision Monthly Plan. Their rate in these AEP areas is just 6 cents per kWh for the first month of this variable rate plan.

Beating AES Ohio’s Crazy PTC

AES Ohio currently has one of the highest PTCs on the market at 10.91 cents per kWh. It also won’t change until the end of May. If you’re still on this standard service offer, you need to shop around for a better rate right now! If you’re worried about locking in a rate too soon, you can check out the Provision Monthly Plan for 6 cents per kWh to give you some extra shopping time. Alternatively, if you’d rather switch now, lock in a year rate with the Xoom Energy SureLock 12 at just 7.29 cents per kWh.

Don’t Sweat Duke Energy’s PTC

The Duke Energy PTC just expired, so if you want to grab a new rate, now’s the time to do it. Your best short term rate is once again, the Provision Monthly Plan at 6 cents per kWh. This variable rate beats the old PTC by .59 cents per kWh and gives you time to compare and shop around for better deals.

An Alternative To Toledo Edison

Last but certainly not least, the Toledo Edison price to compare expires at the end of March. At 5.43 cents per kWh, there are definitely better options out there. You can grab a monthly variable plan to tide you over to the shoulder months with the American Power and Gas Clean Energy Plan. The price of 5.24 cents per kWh beats the Toledo Edison PTC by .19 cents. Sounds puny? Well, if you use 1,000 kWh a month that’s about $2 less.

Don’t Worry About Shopping Around

Grab a short term plan to give you extra time to compare and shop for the best deal. As we move into the shoulder months, don’t be surprised if companies start beating out your local utility. Auction results suggest that the PTCs of many Ohio utility companies will be rising. So grab yourself a plan and save on your Ohio electricity bill over at

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