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45843 is a zipcode residing in Forest, Ohio covering an area of 100.21 square miles. With a population of 3701 people, 45843 is the 614th most populous zipcode in all of Ohio.

Area codes include 419/567.

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Cool Ways to Cut Your AC Use in Ohio Part 2

Posted on

Use The Environment To Cool Your Home

Cool Your Home more effectively with landscaping. Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs in Ohio. Find out more ways to reduce your Ohio electricity bills.
Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs in Ohio. Not only can landscaping help cool your home, but it can shield it from harsh winter winds. Check out these Chlorophyll-filled ways reduce your Ohio electricity bills.

Many Ohio residential electricity customers this summer faced high power bills this summer. In our previous article, we covered some easy ways to Cut Your AC Use. However, there are also lots of ways that landscaping can cool your home. In fact, using energy efficient landscaping can reduce your home's energy usage by 25% compared to a typical house. And for some trees and shrubs, autumn is the time to plant. So, check out these cool ways to cut your AC use in Ohio!

See The Forest For The Trees

A great way to minimize summer heating is to shade your entire home. By lowering the ambient temperature in the home, your AC won’t have to cool as much. Ohio homes go through all of the extremes of the seasons. Plant leafy trees on your south and west sides to block out the sun in the summer. Plant evergreens on the northern sides to block cold winter winds. High winter winds can force cold air more easily into your home through cracks and gas. Planting windbreaks reduces the wind's strength, saving you energy. When temperature extremes are reduced, so are your bills.

Hardscape Your Way To Efficiently Cool

Hardscaping is the structural brother to landscaping. Consider adding things like vining trellises in front of windows to block sun, or an awning or arch over a door to keep glare and heat away. Certain additions like ponds can act as great heatsinks, trapping up to 30º of ambient heat from the immediate area.

Extreme Green Energy Saving Machine

While it might be a little extreme, green roofs can be a fantastic option for keeping heat out of your home by reducing the thermal load that enters your home. A basic green roof is a layer of plants, in some cases like grass or clover, and in other cases, even more extensive plants. These plants are placed over a drainage layer on a flat or shallowly sloped roof. They reduce the amount of solar heat that beats down on your roof, and have additional benefits such as increasing air quality, and reducing drainage. Obviously, it's not a solution for most homes so we recommend trying out some other tips in most cases. However, if you like the idea, go for it!

Go Green To Save Some Green

If you’ve been trying to find some ways to reduce your bills, try a little green landscaping to give you savings for years to come. Not all energy saving landscaping is bad, and it’s not something to be afraid of either. Reduce your energy bills today. And for news, plans, and all your other energy shopping needs, check out