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Popular Plans in Dayton

Name Term Price
Fixed-Rate Gas 12 12 0.0¢
Annual Clean Energy Plan 12 0.0¢
24 Month Fixed 24 0.0¢
1 Month Variable 1 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-12 12 0.0¢
Kiwi Zero Gas 50 Web 1 0.0¢
Home 12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
Variable 1 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 24 24 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 12 12 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-6 6 0.0¢
24 Month Fixed Rate 24 0.0¢
Home 24 Month Fixed 24 0.0¢
Clean Gas Plan 1 0.0¢
36 Month Fixed 36 0.0¢
Home Non-Long Term 1 0.0¢
Monthly Plan 1 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed Rate 12 0.0¢
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Rates as of October 1st, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions in Dayton

What plans does Constellation have in my area?

In your area, Constellation offers the following electricity plans: 12 Month Flat Tier Product starting at 12.9¢/kWh, 12Mo Usage Bill Credit + A/C Protection for 1 Unit and HVAC Monitoring starting at 15.9¢/kWh, 12Mo Usage Bill Credit + A/C Protection for 2 Units and HVAC Monitoring starting at 15.9¢/kWh, and 12 Month Usage Bill Credit starting at 15.9¢/kWh. The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate electricity plan in your area is around 8.3¢/kWh, ranging from 7¢/kWh to 11.5¢/kWh.

What are the most popular 12 month electricity plans?

The most popular electricity plans in the past 30 days are 9 Month Home Power Plan, Safe Harbor 24, Safe Harbor 14, Safe Harbor 18, and Fixed-Rate Electricity 12.

Are there any green electricity plans in my area?

These are the green electricity plans in zipcode 45426: Green Energy-24, Two Months Free 24, Gexa EV 24, and Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24.

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Zip Stats for Dayton 45426

With a population of 15239 people, 45426 is Ohio 288th most populated zipcode and covers 19.29 square miles in Dayton.

Area codes in 45426 include 937.

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Why is My Ohio Electricity Bill So High?

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Big Rate Increases Affect Your Bills

Most Ohio electricity bills shot up on June 1 when PTC rates exploded. Save now and shop plans to lock in a cheaper fixed rate.
Are your Ohio electricity bills are enough to make you scream? Learn ho to save on your energy bills. Shop now to lock in a cheaper fixed rate.

If you’ve missed the memo, standard service electricity rates went sky high in June. Some of these rates have gone down a little bit since, but if you’re still paying the PTC rate, your wallet is hurting for it. After all, you could shop around for cheaper Ohio electricity rates. But if you’ve been wondering why your Ohio electricity bills have been so high, we've sorted through the details. Le't see what happened.

Your PTC Rates Raised Your Ohio Electricity Bills

Back in June, PTC rates rose all across Ohio. As a reminder:

  • AEP Ohio increased its rate from 7.49 cents per kWh to 11.84 cents per kWh. This was a 158% increase.
  • The Duke Energy PTC rose from 6.44 cents per kWh to 10.17 cents per kWh. That’s a 157% increase.
  • While AES Ohio PTC decreased its rate from 10.91 cents per kWh to 10.81 cents per kWh, this was after their rates had gone up in June 2022, which was an increase of  226% at the time.
  • Ohio Edison increased its rate the most going from 5.88 cents per kWh, to 12.39 cents per kWh, making a whopping 210% increase.
  • The Illuminating Company similarly increased its rate from 5.90 cents per kWh, to 12.40 cents per kWh. Another 210% increase.
  • Toledo Edison raised its PTC rates from 5.94 cents per kWh, to 12.41 cents per kWh, rounding us out at a 208% increase.

No wonder your bills are looking significantly nastier than they used to.

Since then, some PTC rates have fallen and are now only slightly lower.

  • AEP Ohio’s PTC is 11.20 cents per kWh but our lowest 12 month plan is just 6.79 cents per kWh.
  • Duke Energy’s PTC has lowered to 9.94 cents per kWh. Here, our lowest 12-month plan is just 7.16 cents per kWh.
  • The AES Ohio rate remains at 10.81 cents per kWh until June 2024. But you can get a 12-month plan now for 7.34 cents per kWh.
  • Ohio Edison decreased its rate to 9.83 cents per kWh. Our lowest 12-month plan is only 7.09 cents per kWh.
  • The Illuminating Company has also decreased it’s rate to 9.61 cents per kWh. And here, our lowest 12 month plan is also only 7.09 cents per kWh.
  • Toledo Edison’s PTC is 11.33 cents per kWh, and you guessed it: our lowest plan is only 7.09 cents per kWh.

Your Rates Will Probably Go Higher

Save more on your high Ohio electricity bills!
Shop the Best Electric Suppliers and save more on your Ohio electricity bills!

AES Ohio has already gotten approval to increase its distribution rate for repair charges. And other companies are likely to follow. With this summer’s severe storms rocking Ohio, the storm damage has been pretty nasty. On top of additional repair charges being passed down to customers, natural gas prices are expected to rise going into winter.

What Does That Mean For Your Ohio Electricity Bills?

It means that now is the time to switch to avoid price hikes. Switching can take up to 45 days, so you want to lock in one of the lower rates now. Third-party provider rates are around half the price to compare. Securing a 12-month rate or longer will lower your bills in the meantime, and protect you from any sudden increases. It’s important to note, locking in a fixed rate won’t keep your bills from increasing due to distribution charge increases. However, you’ll be saving an incredible amount not paying the PTC rate. You can shop all of the best plans available at