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What is the term length for the Live Brighter 10 plan?

The Live Brighter 10 electricity plan has a term length of 10 months. If you switch to another provider within that period, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

What is the cancellation fee for the Live Brighter 10 plan?

The cancellation fee for this plan is $0.

Is Live Brighter 10 a good electricity plan?

Direct Energy offers plans that range in price from 6.99¢ to 7.59¢ depending on the term length and where you are located in Texas.

Live Brighter 10 is a Fixed Rate plan. This means that the amount that Gexa Energy charges you for each additional unit of electricity (the energy charge) is consistent no matter how much you use. You can see a breakdown of these other monthly charges on the Live Brighter 10 Electricity Facts Label (EFL). However, the overall 'average rate' shown on your bill may still vary slightly because there are charges on your bill that are applied regardless of usage. Fixed Rate plans generally offer the least amount of surprise on your bills, because if you use more electricity you pay more on your bill, and your average rate will not change much from month to month.

Live Brighter 10 Electricity Facts Label

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Live Brighter 10 Electricity Facts Label

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