When did Direct Energy get started?

In 1986, Direct Energy was founded in Toronto, as a competitive retail energy company. In 2000 Centrica, the UK based parent of British Gas, acquired Direct Energy.

Then, in 2013, Direct Energy bought Bounce Energy, a Houston-based electric startup known for its innovative plans and e-commerce prowess.

Around 2010, Direct Energy also acquired Clockwork Home Services, which has a few brands in the plumbing, hvac, and electrical services industry:

  • One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
  • Mister Sparky

How big is Direct Energy?

Although we're not sure exactly how many customers DE has, their website claims over 6 million 'customer relationships'.

In just Ontario, Direct Energy has over 550,000 residential customers who rent water heaters.

Where does Direct Energy have service?

Direct Energy covers 46 states and the District of Columbia in the United State including: Delaware, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Oklahoma and Virginia.

In Canada, Direct Energy has operations in the following areas: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Does Direct Energy have a parent company?

Direct Energy is owned by Centrica, a large British conglomerate, which grew from the British Gas utility in the UK. Centrica purchased Direct Energy in 2000.