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Coming in as Ohio 425th most populuous zipcode region, 43105 contains 8147 people and covers 57.30 square miles of Baltimore.

Area codes in 43105 include 740.

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Company & Plan Term Rate
Direct Energy - Go Green Lights 24 24 month 9.29¢
Public Power - Electric 12 Month Fixed Rate WITH MRC 12 month 6.29¢
APG&E - True Simple 36 36 month 7.34¢
XOOM Energy - RescueLock 12 12 month 7.79¢
American Power & Gas - Clean Energy Plan 1 month 4.49¢
Direct Energy - Live Brighter 18 18 month 7.79¢

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How to Escape and Report a Scam in OH

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Electricity Scams Are A Real Threat

Learn scam tricks to help you keep your Ohio electricity account safe from thieves. Learn how to escape one and where to report it.
Learn how you can identify and avoid an Ohio electricity scam. Find out what you can do if you do get fooled and where you should report it.

With the spring shoulder months upon us, and SSO prices ready to rise, you may see an increase in scams around your neighborhood. For example, they may be people at your door or on your phone trying to sell you cheap Ohio electricity deals. Even though a few would-be scammers fail at deceiving customers, there are many more that easily take advantage of people. So, to help energy customers avoid falling victim to a scam, we’re going to talk about how to escape and report a scam in Ohio.

Different Kinds Of Electricity Scams You Might Find

Slamming is one of the more common scams out there. If a provider signed you up for a service you didn't ask for, that's slamming and it's illegal. You may also be familiar with the classic bait-and-switch, where you’ll be told you’ll get a certain rate, but are switched to a higher rate without being told why. Another common phone scam is where the caller pretends to be your utility asking about your bill. They'll try to get you to pay them in gift cards or bit coin to prevent a utility shut off. The fact is, your Ohio utility must follow a specific process when it comes to energy disconnections. So, when someone alleged utility company agent demands payment with gift cards, cash, or crypto-currencies, it’s a scam. Hang up.

How To Spot An Electricity Scam

The standard scam warnings apply: if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Furthermore, if a service worker can’t produce identification for who they claim to be, it’s probably a scam. But some scams can slip through the cracks. Remember that all electricity providers doing business in the state must be certified by PUCO. If you are unsure about a company agent that comes to your door, you can always tell them to leave. Scammers may become insistent that they have the best offer right then and there, but the prices offered by Ohio electricity companies are always available to view. Don’t let them pressure you. You can do your own price comparison at your own pace in your own time.

Reporting a Scam

We encourage you to report any scam that comes your way. First place, to file a complaint with PUCO. PUCO will be able to do more for you as far as helping you recover from a scam. Once you’ve reported the scammer, if you signed up with them, call your local utility immediately. By law, you are required to have seven days from signing up with a provider to cancel the contract. In particular, let them know about the scammer in your area, and make sure you get them to cancel any mysterious contract that tries to remove you from your current service.

Next, be sure to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. While they can’t do anything for you personally, reporting a scam to them helps the FTC build cases against large-scale scam operations.

Don’t Let Scammers Win

At the end of the day, scamming is theft. Don’t let yourself or others in your community fall victim. But don't worry about shopping for a new electricity rate. You can shop reliable electricity companies all across Ohio without the risk of a scam. Find all of them at