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Covering approximately 3.98 square miles and containing a population of 21340 people, 43227 is Ohio 191st most populated zipcode.

Area codes in 43227 include 614/380.

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Company & Plan Term Rate
XOOM Energy - SureLock 12 12 month 7.39¢
APG&E - TrueSimple 12 12 month 6.60¢
Public Power - Electric 12 Month Fixed Rate WITH MRC 12 month 5.99¢
Direct Energy - Live Brighter 12 12 month 7.19¢
Energy Harbor - Safe Harbor 12 12 month 6.99¢
Public Power - Electric 12 Month Standard Fixed Rate 12 month 7.19¢

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My electric service has not changed other than all the surcharges. I did not expect all the delivery charges.
  • Lois Rice
  • Columbus, OH
  • February 3rd, 2024

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Electric Utility Submetering Case Goes to Ohio Supreme Court

Posted on

Apartment Dweller Energy Choice on the Line

A recent PUCO decision in an utility case could strip energy choice from 1,100 customers of an apartment submetering company.
A recent PUCO decision in an utility case could strip energy choice from 1,100 customers of an apartment submetering company. Find out why the OCC is fighting that decision in the Ohio Supreme Court.

This one is a bit of a pickle. The ability to choose the best electricity supplier for your home is the whole point of deregulation. It gives you the ability to control your bills and where your money goes. So what happens when that doesn’t happen? We’re covering what’s going on when a utility complained over over a submetering company that may have strayed beyond its re-seller role. At the center of the case is that 1,100 apartment tenants are not allowed to compare other providers for electricity rates. So, let's dig into what it could mean for Ohio apartment dwellers across the state.

The Situation With Utility Submetering

Back in 2021 a submetering company for apartments and multifamily homes called Nationwide Energy Partners announced they would be providing electricity supply services for 5 Columbus area apartment complexes. However, AEP Ohio, the local utility, opposed this. They claimed that Nationwide Energy was attempting to step in as the complexes’ utility. As the case tumbled out in front of PUCO, it became clear that consumer rights needed to be represented and so the Ohio Consumer Council (OCC) intervened. In response, Nationwide Energy argued the problem was a commercial dispute and didn’t put residential customers at risk – and PUCO agreed. Undaunted, the OCC is appealing that decision to the Ohio State Supreme Court.

Utility Submetering And Your Choice

Now you may be asking, what does this have to do with your choice. Basically, the OCC argues that Nationwide Energy has stripped around 1,100 residents of these buildings of their electricity choice. While NEP does state they are contractually obligated to offer less than the price to compare, tenants have no choice but buy their energy from Nationwide.

The Proof is In the PUCO

Meanwhile, this does raise huge concerns about consumer protections and rights. Residents of these apartments are no longer covered by state shut-off procedures, percentage-of-income-payment plans (PIPP), or have a standard way to complain against NEP rates. Since PUCO sided with NEP against the OCC intervening, this has huge implications for apartment dwellers across the state. The Ohio Supreme Court decision will affect everyone who lives in a multifamily building and their protections when it comes to their electricity.

Decisions Will Affect Your Electricity Bills

This case has a huge bearing on who gets electricity choice in Ohio, which is something you would think you have a guaranteed right to. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this important case for Ohio electricity choice. You can keep up with this and more news at