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We have made it very easy to compare Perrysburg power rates so you can get the least expensive electric price for your needs. Just enter your zip code then read company reviews, compare the Ohio electricity companies that serve the Perrysburg area to get the best electric plan that meets your needs.

Electricity prices in Perrysburg OH are deregulated, meaning you can conduct an apples to apples electricity comparison accross dozens of electricity suppliers in the Perrysburg area.

There are no switching costs, your electricity stays throughout the entire process, and no special equipment is needed. If you are moving to Perrysburg, Ohio, your new service company will turn on your power and establish your new service. It's that simple.

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We've made it easy to find a great Electricity plan. We recommend a selected a few plans that represent a great overall value proposition so you can get back to your life!

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If you're shopping for the lowest possible rate, you'll appreciate our Energy Rate Comparison Page. It has helpful filters so you can pick the right kind of plan with the features and term that match your needs. It's easy!

What should I know about Perrysburg?

Perrysburg Averages

In July, the average electricity rate in Perrysburg was 14.86¢ per kWh. The average households monthly electricity usage was 1,117 kWh, making the average bill around $166.

based on EIA Data as of September, 2022

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As a worker and instructor of skilled trades HVAC/R, this find has changed me. I encourage everyone Im in contact with to use this easy site! Saved us significantly per KWh

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