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Shade, Ohio, 45776 covers 19.68 square miles and has a population of 765 people. This makes 45776 the 972nd most populated zipcode region in Ohio.

Area codes in 45776 include 740.

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Easy Ways to Save on Heating Your Home This Winter

Posted on

Little Chores That Help Save on Home Heating

Save on your home heating bills this winter with these easy little chores that help you use less energy.
Learn how to save more money on your home heating this winter with the 7 easy to do chores.

It's nearly December and the emphasis is on "brrrrrrr"!  With night time temps dancing around the freezing mark, most Ohio electricity customers need to heat their homes. But wouldn't it be great if your furnace didn't need to run as much to keep your home warm? You bet! So, let's check out these 7 easy ways to save on heating your home this winter!

1 Seal Your Home to Save

By far, air sealing your home is the easiest way to save about 15% on heating costs. Seal all gaps with expanding foam or caulk where pipes, wires, or light fixtures pierce walls or ceilings next to a garage or attic. Also caulk any cracks in your home's foundation. For windows and doors, caulk around their frames and add weather stripping to make sure they close snuggly. 

2 Window Coverings

Window glass conducts heat easily so it gets cold at night. Covering windows with floor-length or longer drapes adds insulation that cuts heat loss by 10%. Window quilts also very good but insulated cellular shades are even more effective. These close to cover the entire window with honey-comb like pockets that can cut heat loss by up to 40%.

3 Save More on Hot Water for Your Home

Most Ohio homes use a 40+ gallon tank style heater. On average, older models eat up around 18% of a home's total energy consumption. Wrapping a pre-cut water heater jacket or blanket around it will help you save about 7%–16% in water heating costs. These jackets are usually cheap and can be put on with vinyl duct tape. 

4  Reverse the Ceiling Fans

Reversing celing fans help circulate heated air trapped near the ceiling. The fan pushes heated air to flow down the walls and pulls up air from the center of the room. Since room will feel more evenly heated, you'll be less likely to turn up the heat. Pro-Tip:  Dust collects on fan blade edges. Clean these before you reverse the direction and turn on the fan. 

5  Clean Home Air Filter Helps Save More

One easy but important way to save on home heating is to regularly replace your furnace's air filter. Dirty air filters choke off the air flowing through your heating system, making it run longer. That uses more energy, adding to your Ohio electricity bill

Depending the type, replace filters every three months; monthly if you smoke or have pets. However, always replace it with the type recommended by the manufacturer. 

6 Save with Smart Home Thermostats

Smart thermostats automatically adjust your home's temperature depending on whether you're there or asleep. Since most homes follow a predictable schedule, the change isn't always noticeable. An average EnergyStar Smart Thermostat can save approximately 8% on heating and cooling bills. Other sources put the savings at a higher 10-12% on heating and up to 15% on cooling costs.

7 Be Smart About Shopping Ohio Electricity

With more winter cold coming, the biggest energy savings starts with shopping for the cheapest rate. The best way to do that is to compare energy plans offered by the best electric supplier in your part of Ohio. But with so many certified suppliers, it's really easy to get overwhelmed. In that case, shop and compare plans at Not only can you see how the offers stack up side by side but you can also read actual customer reviews about their choices.