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Company & Plan Term Rate
Energy Harbor - Safe Harbor 48 48 month 7.59¢
Tomorrow Energy - Variable 1 month 17.04¢
Energy Harbor - Safe Harbor 14 14 month 6.99¢
Rushmore Energy - Price Protect 36 36 month 7.80¢
APG&E - TrueSimple 12 12 month 7.05¢
Constellation - 18 Month Home Power Plan 18 month 7.99¢
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Rates as of September 23rd, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions in Cincinnati

What is the average cost of a 24 month electricity plan in the city of Cincinnati, OH?

The average rate of a 24 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 7.8¢/kWh, ranging from 7.1¢/kWh to 9¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

For 6 month plans, the average rate of a 6 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 7¢/kWh, ranging from 6.8¢/kWh to 7.2¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

What is the average cost of a 6 month electricity plan in the city of Cincinnati, OH?

The average rate of a 6 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 7¢/kWh, ranging from 6.8¢/kWh to 7.2¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

For 12 month plans, the average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 8.1¢/kWh, ranging from 6.6¢/kWh to 11¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

What plans does Constellation have in my area?

In your area, Constellation offers the following electricity plans: The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate electricity plan in your area is around 8.1¢/kWh, ranging from 6.6¢/kWh to 11¢/kWh.

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Ohio Zip Stats for 45202

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202 covers 2.71 square miles and has a population of 15483 people. This makes 45202 the 281st most populated zipcode region in Ohio.

Area codes in 45202 include 513/283.

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What Kinds of Renewable Energy Are Available in Ohio?

Posted on

How Can I Find Renewable Energy For My Home?

Ohio renewable energy plans not only help you cut your carbon footprint but they help build more green energy projects that could cut prices!
Yes, you can get Ohio renewable energy for your home. Learn more about green electricity in Buckeye state and how it can cut rates!

It's no secret that Ohio energy rates have been rising. This is partially due to volatile natural gas prices spiking your electricity bills. But the state has a whole bunch of green options that can make electricity cheaply. And the best part about them is that the sun and wind are free. So, let’s check out what kinds of renewable energy are available in Ohio for you.

Different Kinds Of Eco-Friendly Energy In Ohio

In the US, natural gas is the top fuel used to make electricity. In the past, the next highest fuel was coal. But in 2022, renewable energy beat out coal for the first time. In Ohio, it's a different story. Green energy only makes about 4% of the state's electricity. Of that small amount, wind power makes up three-fifths. The next largest is solar power, which increased its output after the state opened two large solar farms in 2021. The rest of Ohio utility scale renewables come from 5 hydroelectric dams and 14 biomass generators. Biomass plants burn trash and wood waste. This supplies about twice as much energy as hydroelectric dams do.

So How Do You Get 100% Green Energy?

Learn how Ohio renewable energy plans work and they affect the price of electricity in the state.
Find out more about Ohio renewable energy and how it affects retail electricity plans in the Buckeye state.

The Ohio Renewable Energy Standards (RES) law requires 8.5% of the state's electricity must come from renewable sources by 2026. In order to comply, utilities and retail suppliers buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Each certificate equals one megawatt hour of green electricity. They can also be bought and sold.

Some retail supply companies offer green sourced plans to their customers. But, green sourced energy mixes in the grid along with fossil fuel made electricity. As a result, the energy coming to your home is not really 100% green energy. To offset this problem, retail suppliers buy RECs. They then retire the RECs once they sell the electricity to their customers. This way, both retailers and customers help support Ohio renewable energy. So, if you are interested in as green a plan as you can get, shop look for plans that are 100% offset by RECs.

Benefits Of Ohio Green Energy Plans

Ohio green energy plans usually cost more than a utility's standard service offer. However, buying green energy helps increase demand for it. That's because REC based plans help build up more green energy resources. By Increasing the demand for green energy, there will be more need to build more solar and wind farms. That can also lead to more jobs in green energy. Plus, by building more Ohio renewable energy power plants, there's less need for costly natural gas plants. In turn, the cost of making energy falls. And that means lower electric rates for everyone.

RECs Benefit Your Home

Renewable energy isn't just a buzzword to try to get you to purchase more expensive plans. RECs have a real impact on the future of green energy plans in Ohio. But green plans aren’t the only way to cut your carbon footprint. There are a bunch of ways you can save electricity in your home. And if you're looking to save money on your electricity bill, you can find the cheapest plans for your area at