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Popular Plans Around 45231

Name Term Price
RescueLock 12 12 0.0¢
Variable 1 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-12 12 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 12 12 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed Rate 12 0.0¢
Affordable Clean Gas 12 12 0.0¢
24 Month Fixed Rate 24 0.0¢
36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan 36 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
OH Frontier Online Premier Gas-6 6 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 24 24 0.0¢
Monthly Plan 1 0.0¢
Annual Clean Energy Plan 12 0.0¢
SureLock 24 24 0.0¢
12 Month Fixed 12 0.0¢
Safe Harbor 36 36 0.0¢
Affordable Clean Gas 24 24 0.0¢
Kiwi Zero Gas 50 Web 1 0.0¢
SureLock 12 12 0.0¢
18 Month Home Natural Gas Plan 18 0.0¢
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Rates as of December 4th, 2023

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My current charge per CCF of natural gas is approximately half of my service provider Duke Energy. I'm always happy to experience a savings.
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  • Cincinnati, OH
  • September 16th, 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions in Cincinnati

What is the average cost of a 6 month electricity plan in the city of Cincinnati, OH?

The average rate of a 6 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 6.7¢/kWh, ranging from 6.7¢/kWh to 6.8¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

For 12 month plans, the average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 8.1¢/kWh, ranging from 6.3¢/kWh to 11¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

What are the most popular 12 month electricity plans?

The most popular electricity plans in the past 30 days are 9 Month Home Power Plan, Fixed-Rate Electricity 12, OH Frontier Online Premier-12, Safe Harbor 48, and 6 Month Home Power Plan.

What is the average cost of a 12 month electricity plan in the city of Cincinnati, OH?

The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 8.1¢/kWh, ranging from 6.3¢/kWh to 11¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

In the case of 24 month plans, the average rate of a 24 month fixed-rate electricity plan is around 8¢/kWh, ranging from 7.1¢/kWh to 9¢/kWh. Popular plans in this range are

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Covering approximately 14.35 square miles and containing a population of 40893 people, 45231 is Ohio 39th most populated zipcode.

Area codes in 45231 include 513/283.

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Best Electricity Plans in Cincinnati

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Compare and Shop Best Recommended Electricity

Shop the Best Electricity Plans and save on your winter heating bills in Cincinnati!
Save more on your winter heating bills in when you Shop the Best Electricity Plans in Cincinnati!

I bet you've heard the good news for this year's strong El Niño winter weather: dry with above normal temperatures. But the bad news is that you'll still need to heat your home. Plus, we'll still likely face some bitter cold blast through the Cincinnati area. Luckily, energy prices are still much lower than last year. In fact, many easily beat the Duke Energy default electric rate. So, to save even more money this winter, let's dive into the best electricity plans in Cincinnati from four select suppliers.

Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plans 

An average Ohio electricity customer uses about 874 kWh per month (with more in the winter, of course). With the Duke Energy Price to Compare (PTC) of 9.6 cents per kWh, the monthly electricity supply part of the bill comes to around $83.90. Unfortunately, the PTC changes every 6 months so you never know what to expect when the seasons change. Fixed rate plans, however, give you certainty.

First off, Gold Award-rated Constellation Energy is offering two fixed rate plans that both beat the PTC. The main difference between the two is their contract length. The 9 Month Home Power Plan fixes the supply rate at 6.69¢ per kWh. That's just $58.47 for the monthly supply cost. Their other plan is their 36 Month Home Power Plan at 8.19¢ per kWh (or roughly $71.58 for monthly supply) which it locks down the rate for a full 3 years. Talk about certainty!

Neither plan has monthly recurring charges and there's a low $25 early termination fee (ETF) if you leave early. When their contracts expire, Constellation automatically enrolls you into a new plan unless you respond to their renewal notice. Lastly and best of all, both come with Constellation's Satisfaction Guarantee. You can terminate the plan within 90 days of enrolling and you'll go back to the PTC.

Recommended Best 12 Month Electricity Plans

Another Gold Award winning supplier, Frontier Utilities, offers their OH Frontier Online Premier-12 plan with a 6.99¢ per kWh rate. Though not the cheapest 12 month plan, it does boast two highly competitive features. First, there's no monthly recurring charge. So, it's easy to estimate your monthly bill. For example, a monthly supply estimate comes in at just $61.09. Second, there's no ETF; you get the flexibility to leave the plan if you need to. When the contract expires, the plan does automatically renew to a month-to-month variable rate. So, be sure to watch for those plan expiration notices.

Another well-rated supplier is Public Power. Their Electric 12 Month Standard Fixed plan comes in at 7.59¢ per kWh, beating the PTC by 20.9%. An estimated average for monthly supply runs about $66.33. That keeps a lot more money in your bank account and out of Duke's. There's also no monthly recurring charges or ETF to worry about. When the contract is about to expire, Public Power will offer you a new plan. Make sure you respond otherwise, they will automatically enroll you in that new plan. Lastly, Public Power rates appear to track the wholesale market prices fairly closely. So, if you like their plans, you'll want to watch price trends closely to grab their lowest rate.

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