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Frequently Asked Questions in Cleveland

What are the most popular plans?

The most popular gas plans in 44105 in the past 30 days are 24 Month Fixed Rate, Fixed-Rate Gas 12, 12 Month Fixed Rate, Monthly Plan, and 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan.

What plans does Provision Power & Gas have in my area?

In your area, Provision Power & Gas offers the following gas plans: The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate gas plan in your area is around $5.601/MCF, ranging from $4.49/MCF to $12.49/MCF.

What plans does Energy Harbor have in my area?

In your area, Energy Harbor offers the following gas plans: The average rate of a 12 month fixed-rate gas plan in your area is around $5.601/MCF, ranging from $4.49/MCF to $12.49/MCF.

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Cleveland, Ohio, 44105 covers 8.76 square miles and has a population of 40089 people. This makes 44105 the 43rd most populated zipcode region in Ohio.

Area codes in 44105 include 216.

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Energy Efficiency Tips to Warm Your Valentine

Posted on

Use These Energy Tips With Your Special Someone

These energy saving tips for couples will seal out the cold and keep your love next warm! The perfect Valentines Day date!
Seal out the cold from your love nest with your Valentine! These energy saving tips make it easier to spend more on your romance later!

Do you have hot plans for Valentines Day this year? Are you turning up the heat inside your love nest because it's leaking like a sieve? Seal your home with more than a kiss this Wednesday by spending some quality time together around the house. The couple that saves together stays together and this is the perfect opportunity. Check out these quick and easy energy efficiency tips to warm your heart and home this Valentines Day.

Sealing Your Home With More Than A Kiss

Cracks and gaps around your doors and windows can lead to uncomfortable drafts that raise your Ohio energy bills. Spend some time and bust out the weather stripping. Self-adhesive weather stripping is easy to install around the bases of window sashes and around door frames. It’s super inexpensive too!

Caulk About Energy Tips Through The Night

Caulk can also be really effective for sealing those pesky little gaps outside. Take a walk together outside to hunt under windows, around door frames, at corners, and behind vents. All of those places are typical spots for drafts to sneak through. Find and caulk them shut together! Also keep an eye out for mouse holes or other critter entrances. Animals not only cause damage to your home, but can damage electricity wires, costing you more in the long run if you don't plug them up.

Warm Up With This Energy Tip

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than getting your home all nice and snuggly. Adding insulation to your roof cuts down on heat transfer during the winter months. It also helps reduce heat transfer from your roof during the summer. That means cost savings for you year-round. Why raise your bill by heating the outside when you can stay warm with your honey inside?

Maybe Skip The Valentines Balloons

Balloons are super sweet and cute but can damage your Ohio electric utility's power lines. Recently, a stray balloon caused a 600 home power outage in Cleveland. If you want to give balloons to your "sweet baboo" to celebrate the special day, don’t let them drift off into the sky. First Energy has suggested to deflate mylar balloons and keep them secure with weights if they’re outside. And never attempt to retrieve a balloon that has gotten close to a power line.

The Couple That Saves Together Stays Together

While home maintenance might not be the most romantic thing you can do for Valentines Day, the money you’ll save over time will absolutely be worth it. Especially because you might be able to spend more on romance next year! And, if you’re in the market for other long term savings, consider switching your electricity plan now! Rates are falling and you can shop the best rates at You can score some big savings on your electricity to put towards that big romantic getaway.