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Coming in as Ohio 1335th most populuous zipcode region, 44199 contains people and covers 0.00 square miles of Cleveland.

Area codes in 44199 include 216.

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Company & Plan Term Rate
Santanna Energy Services - Fixed-Rate Gas 12 12 month 4.090¢
Mercury Energy - 1 Month Variable 1 month 2.380¢
Provision Power & Gas - Monthly Plan 1 month 1.990¢
Symmetry Energy Solutions - 24 Month Fixed Rate 24 month 4.550¢

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  • April 22nd, 2024
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Shop Energy Saving Appliances in Ohio This July 4!

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Grab Energy Savings Long Term

Shop energy saving rebates and tax credits to help you cut your Ohio electricity bills.
Shop the best energy saving appliances this July 4! Check out these tips on where to find rebates and info on federal tax credits that help you save more!

This summer is a great time to start looking for new EnergyStar appliances! Regardless if you’re living in an apartment, renting a home, or own your own. Energy efficient appliances are a great way to cut down on your electricity usage. This in turn lowers your monthly bills to Ohio electric suppliers, and that can save you money in the long run. You may also find that there are some other benefits to upgrading appliances that you didn’t know about before! Let's find out how to save more on shopping for energy saving appliance this July 4!

Energy Saving = Money Saving

EnergyStar appliances are widely available and plentiful. This includes everything from battery back up systems for your computers to washers and dryers. Now, energy efficient appliances may seem expensive to begin with, but with rebates and incentives, you can drastically cut their price. And while Ohio does not have any state incentives, and utility rebates are tied up in the aftermath of HB6, the federal government has a slew of incentives you can take advantage of! 

Save On Taxes With Energy Saving Improvements

Currently, you can update your home and use the Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit. This tax credit is limited to your main home. It must be an existing home so new builds don’t qualify. This way, you can claim the maximum annual limit each year, and get even more out of your efficiency upgrades!

If you’re looking for more of an investment, you can take advantage of the Residential Clean Energy Credit. This credit is for new or existing builds, and credits you after putting in solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cells, or battery storage technology. The credit is up to 30% of the installation price, depending on when you’ve had it installed. You cannot claim this credit if you rent the home out.

Energy Savings For Those Who Rent

Stuck with what your landlord has given you? That’s ok! Certain stores offer their own rebates on EnergyStar rated appliances. That's actually good news because it means competing brands will try harder to sell you something. So shop carefully. The form of the rebate will probably vary, so also be sure to check the fine print when you are shopping around.

And while you don’t qualify for many of the federal tax credits as a renter, the energy savings you get from better sealing your doors and windows, and reducing your usage can make up for that. 

Save More In Different Ways

Fourth of July sales are great for hunting down new appliances. But they aren’t the only way to save in July. Amazon is holding their Prime Day sale on July 9th. You can score deals on EnergyStar rated items for your home, or snag other energy saving items. But, the best way to save on energy is to shop for the best electricity rate. You can find tons of deals across Ohio. Shop for plans that fit your family's needs at to learn more.